Yannick FroeseSenior Device Development Manager

Yannick is a combination product and medical device expert with more than 6 years of experience in global medical device and pharma companies.

Being responsible of the design and process development of medical devices and combination products including DHF Management, verification, validation and commercialization activities he gained a profound knowledge of the development process and Design Control. With his background in mechanical engineering and biomechanics, he also has a keen interest in product development and brings a wide set of skill across the whole product life cycle to the table. Yannick is experienced as Project leader and fluent in German, English and Spanish.

In his free time Yannick enjoys being outdoors, especially going rock climbing, where he holds a certificate as climbing instructor.


  • Autoinjectors
  • Combination products
  • Design Control
  • Project Management
  • Medical Devices
  • Design Development
  • Industrialization
  • Technical Documentation

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