We made it! Our Quality Management System is now ISO 13485 certified!

Our customers may have noticed it - we did not rest a moment and worked hard on our quality management system. It was challenging, it was exciting, it was interesting, and it was successful.

Now, we are pleased to announce that our organization made it to the next level. anteris medical has established a quality management system which has been certified according to ISO 13485 by TÜV Süd! 

Our philosophy has always been to deliver the best possible quality. With this ISO standard, we can now map our quality perception according to an internationally recognized and standardized procedure. anteris medical’s understanding of customer focus and continuous customer satisfaction improvement have now been translated into a powerful process landscape.

The process orientation, that has been introduced, defines the requirements for operational processes and checks their fulfilment again and again. In this way, we will discover hidden potential and further optimize our services.

We have passed the audit and are proud of this major milestone in the history of anteris medical.

A big THANK YOU to our great team, without whom this step would not have been possible.