Review: Drug/Device Combination Products Summit in Berlin (04 - 05 December 2018)

Anteris associates have visited the Drug/Device Combination Products Summit in Berlin!

Drug-device combination products represent the next wave of drug delivery devices of increasing complexity. Their development requires a number of technical challenges to consider - integrating drug and device systems, defining the elements of design control, determining quality systems and manufacturing processes. It is also critical to establish a regulatory and clinical strategy from early on in development.

The meeting facilitates a better understanding of both regulatory and practical aspects of developing drug-device combinations, as well as the management of combination products across the total product life cycle.

Dirk Kreder (Founder & CEO anteris medical) was invited as a speaker. His presentation was intended to provide insights into the highly dynamic LCM strategies for biologics and biosimilars.

It was a great event!

Looking forward to meeting you there next year.