Review: 35EPS (European Peptide Symposium) in Dublin (26 - 31 August 2018)

Anteris systems associates have visited the 35EPS (European Peptide Symposium) from August 26th - 31st 2018 in Dublin!

European Peptide Symposium is a well-established biennial peptide conference that has grown substantially. It has been well attended by Nobel Laureates, world-class scientists, leading scientific investigators, world-renowned commercial partners, publishers and leading companies in the area of peptide research and its applications. This symposium includes sessions covering every aspect of the research, education and innovation related to the peptide science.

The conference will cover the following research topics

  • Amino acids and peptide synthesis
  • Protein synthesis and semi-synthesis
  • Peptides in chemical biology and therapeutics
  • Structural and conformational studies
  • Biologically active peptides
  • Peptide mimetics
  • Prodrugs, conjugates, targeting and uptake
  • Peptide in proteomics and bioinformatics
  • Nanotechnology, imaging and analytical techniques
  • Peptide-based materials and catalysis
  • Glycopeptides and lipopeptides
  • Macromolecular assemblies
  • Biochemistry and biology
  • Other topics

Looking forward to next year!