IVDR Transition Project - A Brief Guide

The new IVD regulation (IVDR) entered into force almost one and a half years ago. As the date of application for the IVDR is May 26th 2022, this means that only three and a half years are left to implement the IVDR. Considering the huge amount of work involved, it is wise to start implementing as soon as possible, if you have not already done so. But how to be effective and efficient?

Dr. Bernd Krämer - our proven expert in this field - has over 20 years experience in IVD and is highly trained in IVDR 2017/746 with a deep understanding of the regulation requirements. He briefly introduces a simple but practical tool to lead you through your IVDR transition project (click HERE to read his article).

Do you need any advise or assistance for your IVDR transition project?

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